English Information

As an international team we welcome you on our tennis club’s website. Even though the rest of our internet presentation is in german, you will find all necesary information on this site. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email: kontakt@svddm.de or meet us on every day’s trainings in the afternoon.

We are a friendly club with currently 15 teams in league games. Yet we also have many members who enjoy the sport without league character. A high amount of our members are students that makes us an average age, still even younger than other clubs. It’s our ambition to play tennis with friends together. Besides the league games we also stage ward and district championships, plus many club internal tournaments for ambitious and hobby players.

Our 6 courts are located close to the ice stadium and track and field athletics stadium on Magdeburger Straße. The membership dues for 2018 are 156€ for adults, 108€ for students and 72€ for children.